Managing IT infrastructure requires planning, coordination, and highly skilled resources to keep systems operational, secure and in compliance with auditing requirements.

The time needed to manage the process and a team of experienced staff is not always cost effective or sustainable for a business long term and this is where our managed services can help. We offer managed services in Network Administration, Server Administration, Desktop Computing and Total Enterprise support to reduce your costs and increase efficiency. Our highly experienced engineers can review existing infrastructure, recommend and implement changes and architect new infrastructure specific to your business needs.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Single Point of Contact

Pixius believes in building lasting partnerships with our clients. We provide a single point of contact to avoid confusion and communication issues. We also offer vendor management to help resolve support issues in a timely manner and leverage our existing relationships to serve you better.

Lower Technology Costs

Leveraging our existing partnerships and experienced engineers, we can help standardize, consolidate and upgrade your technology solutions to help reduce long-term costs of migrations, lifecycle replacement and maintenance costs.

Better Budget Planning

Stop shuffling bills from multiple vendors and service providers. With Pixius managed services, our consolidated, detailed billing will simplify your IT budget planning and save you time.

Reduced Downtime & Recovery Costs

System maintenance, backups and monitoring help detect and correct issues before they cause downtime. It’s proven that businesses that do these regularly avoid costly expenses and loss of critical data.

Performance Monitoring

We provide performance monitoring for all the key areas of your infrastructure including; networks, servers, backups and databases. This will help identify bottlenecks during peak usage and helps troubleshoot systematic issues.

Our Four Step Process




Blueprint Design


Operational Maintenance


Measure and Reporting

Our highly trained business technology specialists will work with you to assess and document your businesses IT requirements and design an IT solution based on your current and future technology needs. Our team will create a system architecture design of the current and future IT systems, based on the design and your feedback we will determine the best approach to begin working together. We will manage all of IT infrastructure, work to mitigate security, data and backups risks, monitor performance and work to bring better overall stability to the environment. Our comprehensive bench marking will report the status and availability of the systems in our quarterly meetings and in regular reports.

We are committed to helping your business achieve its goals by providing quality managed IT services and tech support. For more information on how we can help you succeed please contact us at 866.209.9511 or