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  • Fast and Dependable Broadband Service
  • Residential and Business Solutions
  • Business IT Solutions
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Affordable
  • Standard data transfer rates range from 512 kbps to 4 Mbps with higher options available in many areas. Pixius offers better upload speeds than comparably priced DSL or cable service.
  • Secure: Pixius encrypts the user data over the air using 128 bit DES encryption.
  • Our latency is comparable to wired links like DSL and cable service.
  • Compared to dial-up: Pixius' extendSM   wireless Internet solution is five to 70 times faster, is always on and doesn't require a phone line.
  • Compared to cable or DSL: extendSM is just as fast, more reliable and available in areas  not covered by cable and DSL.
  • Compared to satellite: extendSM is much faster and more reliable.
  • Compared to 3G & 4G cellular: Pixius provides a consistent download speed with an upload speed that is 7-8 times faster.

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Authorized Dealer, Infinity Technologies, LLC joins the Pixius network

InfinityTechnologies has an expert staff with over 25 years of experience in the industry! … read more

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The Burns tower equipment has received a technology advancement and Internet capacity upgrade.

Pixius continues network improvement to benefit existing coverage are… read more

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Pixius Authorized Dealers provide wireless broadband internet to: Andale, Newton, Garden Plain, Goddard, Wichita, Kingman, Overland Park, Buhler, Hillsboro, Winfield, Hutchinson, Peabody Kansas as well as Grand View and Carthage, Missouri