Protection Plans

Router Replacement
Routers keep the traffic moving inside of your home. When issues arise it’s frustrating to learn that there are extra costs needed to get back up and running. Our Router Replacement plan offers the best solution to get you back up and running with minimal out-of-pocket costs.
Pixius will cover the cost of replacing your broken or damaged router. Simply exchange your old router at your nearest Pixius location free of charge. Also available, Pixius can mail a new router to you for a shipping and handling fee of $8.95, or deliver one to you for the standard service fee of $75.
Critical Parts
Lightning storms, wind, and other inclement weather can damage the critical parts needed to keep the Internet working in your home. Our Critical Parts replacement plan saves out-of-pocket expenses that can be upwards of $600.
Pixius will replace any of the standard installation parts, including: subscriber radio module, antenna, surge suppressor, mounting brackets, and wiring when deemed defective by a Pixius technician. Replacement of the subscriber radio module is subject to an $80 co-payment.
Take advantage of all the services and equipment covered under both the Router Replacement and the Critical Parts plans.
*Residential Protection Plan provided for a monthly fee with a twenty-four (24) month agreement. Installation and Early Termination fees may apply. Fees may vary by location.

Terms and conditions apply