Wichita Wingnuts

Wichita Wingnuts

Hey Wichita Wingnuts Fans!

Here is your chance to win four (4) Wichita Wingnuts 2016 flex tickets! In order to be entered into the weekly drawing, LIKE the PixPro Elite Force Facebook page and COMMENT the PixPro Player of the Game on PixPro Elite Force Facebook wall.

After every game, the Wingnuts post the PixPro Player of the Game on both the Wichita Wingnuts Facebook page and on their Twitter page.

Best of all…

A winner is drawn every week! The weekly winner is drawn every Thursday at 2PM.


PixPro Elite Force, is a scalable managed services technology brand that outsources the technology needs of businesses from large global organizations to smaller and mid-sized startups.

PixPro’s go-to-market strategies cover four key areas:

  1. IT departmental support, whether it’s fully outsourced or supporting current staff.
  2. CIO/CTO outsourcing for strategic planning and counseling.
  3. Supplementary technical staffing.
  4. All things cloud. PixPro can help you navigate all cloud related obstacles and eliminate cloud confusion.