About Us

Our History

In 2000, a small group of local entrepreneurs joined together with a common mission — to connect our community to the Internet and provide affordable, fast, reliable service. We created our company in Wichita, KS, in the community where we live and serve. Since our beginning, we’ve grown our wireless network to serve even more of our community and state, and we’ll continue to set the standard as the best rural and suburban Internet service provider.

As a continued effort to provide our business customers with the latest services, Pixius acquired Advantage Outsourcing, a leader in technology solutions, in October of 2013. Pixius goes beyond Internet service and offers our business customers specialized Managed IT Services. Our highly trained team of experts offers a variety of solutions to address our business customers’ unique operational and strategic IT goals.


Our Future

Today, our vision and mission continues under the new leadership of our new CEO, Michael Langer, and a team of talented experts in the technology field. Our team is committed to keeping Pixius on the cutting edge. We continuously expand and upgrade our equipment to offer our customers the latest Internet technology and services. “Putting Data to Flight” is our motto, because at Pixius, we move beyond the reach of cable, DSL and cellular.

Customers are the driving force behind future technology and innovation at Pixius. The demand for secure data and knowledgeable expertise in IT are a necessary part of a business today. With Pixius, we are providing next generation solutions to help businesses with their technology objectives into the future.


Our Community

Pixius is headquartered in downtown Wichita, KS. We help our community grow by providing fast, reliable Internet service to businesses and residences. We provide comprehensive solutions to our customers to meet their Internet and technology needs, where traditional services fail or do not reach.

Our business community is changing, and the demand for technology and the experts that keep businesses running is costly. At Pixius, we provide a cost effective solution for local businesses to leverage expert-level IT resources where it was not previously possible. We help our community move forward by keeping the businesses in the community secure, operational, and up to date.