This is a great company. I have recommended to lots of people. There is hardly ever a time we dont have a connection and we use it a lot with watching Netflix.

Jan A.

We’ve had them for years. No real significant problems. Way better than any of the alternatives available to us.

Shana D.

Great Internet service provider, I live outside of city limits and had limited options for Internet service where I live. The installer was very knowledgeable and didn’t hesitate to come out multiple times to help get us up and going. I am able to stream media seamlessly and have no complaints about coverage.

Kayla H.

Since we are located in a less populated area just on the south side of the KC Metro our broadband Internet options are limited. The direct line-of-sight tower with Pixius Communications that we got connected to in August 2013 is working great. This is a wonderful broadband Internet improvement for us. We are very pleased customers.

Brandon E.

I have had Pixius service for the past four years and it has worked like a champ. I can watch news videos, YouTube, et al without a hitch. Service works in bad weather and they don’t cap the amount of usage like the satellite service I previously had.

Samual B.

For my location, Pixius is the best choice for unlimited data service. It is much superior to HughesNet.

Stephen S.

On behalf of Mael and the IT department please accept my appreciation for the excellent job Hans and Allen have done with successfully identifying and exterminating the Crypto-Wall virus. Hans was very knowledgeable and kept me informed as to the process of exterminating and data recovery. This type of effort by your team puts me at ease knowing that in the case of catastrophic events your team will be dedicated to our company needs.

Again, thank you for a job well done!

Curtis H.

Love Pixius. The only company that would work with us in getting service to our rural location. There wasn’t enough money in it according to another well known competitor. The rates are very affordable and the techs, as well as installers, are professional.

Lajuana P.

Amazing service with great speed for rural Kansas. (There aren’t many other options) Not affected by the weather. Very professional staff. If you live in a rural are in their coverage zone, you should definitely check them out.

Zachary P.

I live in a rural area where I have no options unless I go with satellite Internet with limited data usage. I called Pixius and within no time they had the Internet set up at my house before Christmas! I had a great experience with their employees, they have top notch customer service. My Internet is faster then when I had century link, so overall I am very pleased and glad I chose prixius! If you live in a rural area there is no better option!

John P.

I live in a very rural area, thus have very limited Internet possibilities. I have had satellite Internet before that I was happy with unless I hit the very small data cap. Then I had very slow Internet service. I then went to a hotspot with my cell provider. I, again, was going over my cap, however they didn’t slow it down or shut it off, they just charged me more money. I searched for a better solution and found a company that I thought might work, but they didn’t get back with me, I had to contact them only to have them tell me that they couldn’t get service to my area. After contacting Pixius, I researched them and the Internet process which is different than others that I have experienced in the past. I don’t go into contracts lightly, so I read the contract and picked the best package for my household. I love not having a data cap, and my kids can do different activities and we have never had a problem with slow down or buffering. After having Pixius and liking how well it worked for us, I was able to stream videos from my Amazon Prime and opened a Netflix account. It has worked beautifully! Very quick, very little buffering. The installation went easily, and the installer was very efficient and polite. I have had nothing but positive experience with Pixius. If they continue with the great service, they will have a customer for life!

Angie M.

Pixius is, without a doubt, the best rural Internet we have found. I have recommended Pixius to our neighbors.

David B.

Very happy. Switched from HughesNet and it’s 10 times better.

Darrell K.

At least Pixius is working to get service to people in the country that would otherwise be screwed. Cox and other big names have big bucks, but don’t seem interested in expanding their service coverage outside the city limits! So, they may have a few down times or seem a little slower than your friends’ Internet when you play your XBOX at their house in Wichita, BUT, count your blessings- it could be nothing at all. I have been with Pixius since their inception practically, and have seen great improvements. It takes time and money to start and grow a business with such a small customer base to begin with. They have excellent customer service and will work with you if you need time to pay your bill without charging exorbitant late fees- in fact, if you call ahead of time, they always give an extension with no late fee at all. This, to me, is worth the difference in speed numbers, and I know they will continue to improve while remaining loyal to their customers and not raising their rates unreasonably.

Angela S.

For rural communities, no doubt it’s far and away better than satellite and better than the DSL services my friends use.

John S.

Pixius is the only Internet provider that has made an effort to provide outstanding service to customers in the northeast area of Sedgwick County. Our Internet comes from the Furley tower and we are located in a tough spot to get service. We even willingly cleared trees to get Pixius service and were elated to finally get coverage. Technical support has been outstanding and very professional. You have excellent trainers and excellent staff. I do hope you will continue to serve all of us in this area and that any business changes will never affect the supreme service we receive from you. Thank you for coming to this area and for providing excellent service to an under-served rural area just a few miles from a metropolitan city.

Dee R.

Way faster than satellite service and we love the no data download limit!

Carole R.

It is very reliable. I am just so so so pleased to have high-speed internet out here in the boonies. Dial-up was torture and HughesNet was extremely slow.


I have very good service out in the country. I am very happy with the service.

Gary W.

Yes, we have recommended Pixius to friends and family. Thank you for your patience and good service when we (rarely) do have questions and troubles.

Clark S.

No complaints, always great service!

Tanya L.

Since we are located in a less populated area just on the south side of the KC Metro our broadband internet options are limited. The direct line of sight tower with Pixius Communications that we got connected to in August 2013 is working great. This is a wonderful broadband Internet improvement for us. We are very pleased customers.

Brandon E., AngiesList.com

Great Wi-Fi.

Sarah M.

We’ve been very satisfied with the Internet service we’ve had with Pixius, even from the very beginning, which has been for many years now. It truly a blessing to live in rural America and have such good Internet service. Thank you Pixius!

Wayne E.

Perfectly Satisfied!!! Hated my Verizon service!!! Keeping track of my usage! Yuck!!! Was on Pixius for years & got talked into Verizon, had to buy the contract out, but well worth it!!! Customer Service has always been good for me!!!

Jana T.