Pixius solutions are customizable to fit your business' individual needs.

Multiple Devices and Locations

Don't wait for disaster to strike, protect your business from loss of critical data.

Cloud Services and Offsite Backup

Pixius keeps your onsite and remote servers running and operational.

Servers and Remote Servers

Managed Services

Pixius Communications is committed to building lasting relationships by delivering value-based services focused on seven key areas.


Pixius services and service level agreements (SLA’s) are designed to help companies reduce IT overhead by 20% of the base costs over the life of the contract. Our on-demand, flexible service model gives businesses the ability to bring in skilled IT professionals to support projects on an as needed basis. This helps companies accomplish their project goals while controlling costs and avoiding the need to increase payroll or hire full-time employees to meet project deadlines and additional support loads.


Pixius helps companies meet their strategic goals by providing the expertise and resources to plan and implement systems, processes, and applications. As we support companies in  meeting their strategic goals, we also work to support our community by using local, Wichita-based talent and expertise.


Pixius best practices, methodologies, and processes are proven to help businesses increase efficiency and productivity while decreasing unnecessary costs. Companies we work with benefit from our fully integrated IT and business management solutions. They enjoy an increase in customer satisfaction by meeting service level agreements (SLA’s) or establishing new ones where needed. Our technical skill sets are some of the best in the industry.


Pixius offers a wide array of services to implement, enhance, and support data centers, technology hardware platforms, software, and networks for businesses of all sizes. Our trained technical experts will help you select the best technology platforms or support your existing business platforms based on your specific business needs and requirements.

Risk Management

When Pixius is engaged we have taken extra care to proactively audit your environment to identify potential security breaches. We designed a seamless and smooth process for transitioning companies to a new Pixius program. Our U.S. and locally-based professionals are available to be onsite during the transition phase of your program. As part of the transition, we establish a governance model to provide oversight, direction, and quality control over the engagement. This includes consolidated invoicing and billing, monthly performance reporting based on agreed-upon key performance indicators (KPI’s), and SLA’s. This process allows for a smooth transition, helps stabilize the IT environment, and mitigates risks while complying with professional and regulatory standards.

Corporate Sustainability

Pixius works with your team to eliminate unnecessary paper and IT processes and inefficient IT equipment. We can help meet your corporate goals by creating, automating, and enhancing processes, software, and equipment to reduce waste and conserve precious natural resources.

Service Management

Pixius is committed to service excellence, and we work side by side with our clients everyday to deliver it. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with you and provide the flexibility you need. Our team is easy to work with, we’re there when you need us, and we’re laser-focused on helping you improve your operations and your bottom line.