Business Services

In a world where technology is growing rapidly, keeping up with demand is our focus.

At PixPro Elite Force we are continually innovating to find ways of expanding our services and equipment to keep up with technology and demand. Find out more about our company.

Business Services

Support Desk

Decrease Time to Resolution, Increased Internal IT Satisfaction, Dedicated Support Team

As a business grows, so do the internal demands for IT support. It’s an essential yet time consuming task, and it can take focus away from other priorities. Our PixPro support desk is trained and ready to help with increased demands, and we can scale up and down as your business needs change. There are many benefits to using an external support desk, including faster resolution and increases in customer satisfaction.

Desktop Support

Decreased Downtime, Remote or Onsite Support Options, Lifecycle Management (Upgrades, Maintenance, & Lifecycle Replacement)

PixPro offers complete desktop life-cycle management. Whether it’s creating stable images to deploy to a few or several hundred computers, or systems and network management, our qualified team and time-tested processes can reduce downtime and increase customer satisfaction and productivity.

Systems and Network Management

Maintenance & Patching, Monitoring & Management, Strategy & Planning

Ensuring systems and network infrastructure are maintained, patched and healthy is critical to keeping your business operational. Our experienced team can plan, do routine maintenance, automate and optimize your systems and network to limit downtime and keep things moving.

Data Management

Backup & Recovery, Archival Strategy & Planning, Data Security Strategy & Implementation

Data is a vital part of every business operation. It drives key business decisions, affects the performance of systems, and requires security and authorization to keep it secure. Having a plan on how to backup, restore, and archive business data is crucial for auditing, system performance, and disaster recovery. Our data lifecycle management processes and solutions will help make sure business data is available, accurate, and secure across the enterprise.

Security Services

Security Audit & Assessment, PCI Compliance Monitoring, Network Security Review & Strategy

In a global economy, security threats have become a reality, even for local businesses. From your website to letting employees work from home, security is an essential part of any businesses IT strategy. PixPro can audit your existing internal and external security, design and implement new security measures, and monitor the process throughout the lifecycle.

Application / Development Support

Increases Core Team Bandwidth, Leverages Time Tested Processes, Increase Incident Response Times

Application support is a difficult area to balance for many business teams. Often times key development resources are tasked with supporting existing applications.  But they also need to develop new features and applications. This can lead to personnel and customer satisfaction issues. PixPro can increase your team’s bandwidth, allowing them to focus on core business tasks, improve customer satisfaction, and implement new processes and procedures where needed.

Custom Application Support

Application Deployment Management, Maintenance & Support, Architecture Support (Security, Patching, & Performance)

Custom applications are great. They’re flexible and can  change with your business. But, you need people with the right skills to support them so you can resolve issues in a timely manner and keep the application available and usable. PixPro custom software support can be tailored to meet your business needs by providing full deployment, configuration, maintenance, performance tuning, and support.

Application Management

Account Management, Job Scheduling & Management, Service Level Agreement Planning

When you manage software internally, you need trained individuals and cost effective resources. Depending on the size of the software and business, this can require multiple resources to manage and may take away from other core business areas. PixPro can manage your software on or off-site with established Service Level Agreements, if needed, with our application management service.

Application Maintenance

Maintenance Change Management, Quality Assurance Testing, Deployment & Support

Application maintenance is often times directly related to regulatory compliance, security vulnerabilities, and new features needed to support the business. The overall maintenance lifecycle can be a difficult task to schedule, test, validate, and deploy with existing resources. The PixPro application maintenance service can provide full quality assurance testing, business planning and coordination, deployment, and support throughout the upgrade or migration lifecycle.

Application Security

Security Audit & Mitigation, Access Management, Security Policies & Procedure

Application security encompasses the systems and processes that ensure your system is secure from attacks, access is granted and revoked as needed and that access to data is managed and authorized. Keeping systems secure and in compliance with internal and other regulatory compliances such as HIPAA or PCI takes trained resources and dedicated focus. PixPro application security services can help mitigate security risks, implement security policies and procedures, and provide auditing and monitoring services.

Staff Augmentation

Scale With Demand, Onsite or Remote Staff, Short or Long-Term Engagements

The ability to scale up and down the number of IT professionals available during busy or peak periods is critical to the overall success of a business. Having access to short-term or long-term professional resources that can be located onsite or offsite can help you meet demands without hiring additional employees. PixPro’ staff augmentation services is a cost effective solution that offers dedicated individuals or teams of IT professionals to help maintain or increase service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Business Analysis and Process (BAP)

Process Analysis & Recommendation, Monitoring & Reporting, Decrease Waste, Improve Productivity

Having efficient and streamlined business processes reduces waste, increases employee and customer satisfaction, and ultimately leads to increased profits. In many cases adapting old processes to use new applications, as well as applications that need enhancements, are identified as key contributors to process inefficiencies. Our Business Process & Analysis (BPA) services will document existing processes, analyze, and recommend necessary process changes.  We’ll also monitor the effectiveness of new changes to increase productivity and reduce costs.

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