Cancel Your Pixius Service

We appreciate you, our customers, and work hard to provide the best Internet service possible and true unlimited data to rural and suburban areas where traditional services are not available.

We’re sorry to see you go, but if you ever find yourself in need of rural, high speed Internet again, give us a call!

Before cancelling your service, look through the following situations that may pertain to you!

Have you heard about our New Offers and Promotions?

CALL Pixius to learn more!

We continue to improve our technology to provide our customers more efficient, faster speeds as well as lower prices. Speak to a representative today to find out what options we have to enhance your services.

Moving outside of our coverage area?

TRANSFER your Pixius service.

Rather than cancelling your service, transfer your service to the new resident or business at that service location. Both parties will benefit! You will be relieved of any Early Termination Fees and the new customer will have Internet service almost immediately after moving in. To review Pixius’ Early Termination Fees, visit Broadband Terms & Conditions.

Not happy with your service?

TROUBLESHOOT with our Technical Support Team!

We are here to help! If you are experiencing issues with your Internet service, let us help troubleshoot your connection. Our Technical Support team is available Monday – Friday, 8AM – 9PM and on Saturday from 8AM – 6PM. Contact us at or 800-578-4483.

If you must go…

CANCEL your service.

You may initiate your cancellation of service online by Submitting your Cancellation Request here. Please note, we’ll give you a call within two business days to confirm the request. Refunds and cancellations are handled on a case by case basis.¬† For questions, concerns or disputes please contact us at 800-577-5429 or