Recurring Direct Debit Authorization Terms and Conditions

Checking Account and E-Sign Consent

  1. I/We hereby authorize my/our designated Bank (“the Bank”) to effect transfers from my/our account with the Bank to that of PIXIUS COMMUNICATIONS, LLC (“Pixius”) in accordance with such instructions as the Bank may receive from Pixius from time to time for the purpose of repaying any indebtedness at any time owed by me/us to Pixius including, without limitation, monthly payments in respect of the service approved by Pixius, the total outstanding amount in respect of the said service, interest payments, all charges, fees and expenses applicable to me/us and other liabilities at any time owed by me/us to Pixius, without reference to or consent from me/us notwithstanding any dispute or purported revocation of the rights of Pixius hereunder. I/We agree that the Bank shall not be obliged to ascertain whether or not notice of such transfer has been given to me/us.
  2. I/We jointly and severally accept full responsibility for any overdraft (or increase in existing overdraft) on my/our said account which may arise as a result of any such transfer(s). I/We agree that should there be insufficient funds in my/our said account to meet any transfer hereby authorized, the Bank shall be entitled, at its discretion, not to effect such transfer in which event the Bank may charge the usual fees to be paid by me/us. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I/we undertake to maintain, at all times, sufficient funds in my/our said account for repayment to Pixius.
  3. I/We confirm that, my/our signature(s) on the authorization is/are the same as that for the operation of my/our said account. The authorization shall continue to have effect until full repayment to the satisfaction of Pixius. All costs, charges, interest, fees and expenses that may be levied by the Bank in connection with this arrangement shall be borne by me/us.
  4. I/We hereby authorize Pixius to provide, from time to time, the Bank with all information about me/us and about my/our account with Pixius for the purpose of establishing or continuing this arrangement. I/We also authorize the Bank to provide, from time to time, to Pixius all such information relating to my/our account with the Bank.
  5. I/We hereby undertake to indemnify upon demand Pixius against all losses, damages, costs, expenses, claims, demands, proceedings, and liabilities of whatsoever nature that it may suffer or incur, directly or indirectly, arising out of this arrangement except to the extent that the same is solely caused by the willful misconduct or negligence of Pixius or its employees or agents.