Pixius Internet vs. Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet

Pixius Low Latency VS Satellite High Latency

To access a website, Satellite Internet requires your computer to communicate with a satellite in orbit. That means your Internet signal needs to travel great lengths, about 22,000 miles into outer space! That long of a distance creates high latency, commonly referred to as lag.

Pixius Internet uses line-of-sight access between you and a Pixius equipped tower, creating a much shorter distance between you and your Internet connection! One of the major benefits with Pixius’ fixed, always-on connection is its relatively low latency.

Do you enjoy real-time gaming?

  • Due to high latency service with Satellite Internet, real-time gaming is not recommended.
  • With Pixius Internet, you can enjoy playing League of Legends® and Call of Duty® online for as long as you want when you want with Pixius Unlimited Data Usage.

Do you use VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol?

  • Due to high latency service with Satellite Internet, VoIP is not recommended.
  • With Pixius Internet, you can utilize VoIP networks and other systems requiring low latency network connections.

Do you use a VPN, Virtual Private Network?

  • Due to high latency with Satellite Internet, VPN is not recommended.
  • With Pixius Internet, VPN and other remote computer access software are easily accessible.

Pixius Unlimited Data Usage VS Satellite Data Allowance

Satellite Internet limits the amount of movies you watch, the music you listen to, and the online games you play. Once you have consumed your Monthly Data Allowance your speed will be greatly reduced, hindering your streaming capabilities.

Pixius Internet does not cap data. Watch movies, listen to music, and play online games all month long with Pixius Unlimited Data Usage!

Do you enjoy watching TV shows and movies online?

  • Streaming video uses a large amount of data. When streaming Netflix® or Hulu® with Satellite Internet, you will quickly consume your Monthly Data Allowance, resulting in your speed being greatly reduced. Satellite Internet does include Bonus Data which can only be used during the middle of the night, when most people are sleeping. But once you have consumed your Bonus Data, any middle of the night movie watching will count against your Anytime Data.
  • With Pixius Unlimited Data Usage, you can stream videos all month long.

Do you stream music?

  • Music can also consume much of your Monthly Data Allowance with Satellite Internet. If you use a streaming-music app like Pandora® or Spotify® while folding clothes, entertaining company, or working in the yard, your data use will climb surprisingly quickly.
  • With Pixius Unlimited Data Usage, you don’t have restrictions on the amount of data you choose to consume.

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