Pixius Joins Augusta Chamber

We are proud new members of the Augusta Chamber of Commerce and can’t wait to mix and mingle with other local businesses!

Pixius has provided high speed Internet to the Augusta and surrounding areas since 2007. In June of 2017, we had the opportunity to upgrade the Augusta tower with the latest, first-of-its-kind technology available on the market…the cnMedusa™ by Cambium Networks!

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Experience Faster Page Loads

Today, websites are media rich and content heavy, more so than ever before. This means websites include interactive elements such as: audio clips, streaming video, virtual reality, animations, music, infographics and so on. Are your current Internet speeds fast enough for you to interact and engage with the latest content online?

Multiple Internet Users Are Supported

The majority of your devices are probably connected to the Internet in the evenings and on weekends when everyone is home. Some devices and applications will use more bandwidth than others, and having multiple users connected to the Internet at the same time will contribute to a slower Internet experience. When your family is home and connecting to the Internet, are your current speeds fast enough for everyone to fully enjoy their online experience?

Connected Household

As more Internet connected devices are brought into your home, it’s important to understand your household’s bandwidth needs. Own a smart TV with built in WiFi? How many tablets, laptops, smartphones or computers are in your home? Any other devices in your home that connect to the Internet? These questions will help determine if you are straining your Internet service with your current speeds.


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Thinking of joining the Augusta Chamber of Commerce? Support Augusta and join!

For local Internet in Augusta, KS contact us at 800.577.5429 or sales@pixius.com to discuss services and pricing.

Disclaimer: Service availability limited. May not be available in all locations. Pixius Communications is not associated with or sponsored by Netflix, HBONOW, Pandora, Xbox, PlayStation, Hulu, or YouTube.