Proud Supporter of WSU Bowling Program

Wichita State University Bowling Program
Pixius Communications is proud supporter of Wichita State Bowling Program

Pixius Communications is a growing technology company across Kansas and Missouri and is headquartered in downtown Wichita, KS. Pixius is hiring employees within the community and has a unique relationship with the Wichita State University Bowling Program.

Over the past 10 years, 11 Wichita State bowlers have worked at the company. These bowlers moved to Wichita, KS from throughout the United States and beyond and include the following names and graduation years: Jesse Buss, Rockville, Illinois (2009), Erik Gulbrandson, Superior, Wisconsin (2012), Miguel Lopez, Peoria, Arizona (2013), Roger Petrin, Ash, North Carolina (2013), Nick Powers, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin (2014), Matt Helmick, Albuquerque, New Mexico (2014), Francois Lavoie, Quebec City, Canada (2015), Tyler Maxwell, Wichita, Kansas (2015), Mitch Hupe, Winnipeg, Canada (2017), Chenoa Rhoades and her brother Zach Rhoades, Layfette, Indiana.

“We are pleased to be hiring within our community and we have supported the Wichita State bowling program for many years,” said Jay Maxwell, CEO of Pixius. “Most bowlers are Academic All-Americans that have excellent work ethics and have been a great part of the Pixius family. We are proud supporters of the WSU Bowling Program.”

Wichita State Shocker Bowling Program is an accomplished collegiate bowling program in the nation with a total of 20 National Championships: 11 men’s titles and 9 women’s titles. Gordon Vadakin has been the head coach of the Shocker bowling program since 1977 and is appreciative of the partnership with Pixius Communications over the years. “We have college kids coming from all over the world to bowl at WSU,” said Vadakin. “Pixius has been a great supporter of our program helping these bowlers obtain real world business experience related to their degree.”

Former WSU bowler and current Pixius Communications employee, Francois Lavoie, is a huge success in the professional bowling arena. Frankie is a world champion bowler, native of Quebec City, Quebec and is a 2015 Wichita State University graduate with a degree in Business Administration. Frankie is employed with Pixius Communications Business Intelligence Department. In his spare time, Frankie is touring the world, owning three PBA titles and is currently one of the top 15 PBA bowlers. In 2016, he bowled a perfect 300 game on nationally televised TV on route to his first ever PBA title, the US Open in Las Vegas, NV.  In 2017, he has continued his success with multiple wins including:

  • PBA title win in Jonesboro, AR
  • Two (2) European Tour Titles in Spain and San Marino
  • Gold medal at the World Games in Poland
  • ESPY Award Nomination

“We are proud of Frankie and his success in the competitive bowling arena,” said Maxwell. “He is a valued employee and we look forward to him returning to Pixius after his tour is complete.”

About Pixius Communications

Pixius Communications is a regional provider of wireless Internet and business managed IT services, keeping pace with the ever changing needs of our customers by delivering exceptional customer services, providing innovative solutions to our customers, fostering growth in our employees and by engaging the communities we serve.