Why Choose Pixius Internet

In a world where technology is growing rapidly, keeping up with demand is our focus.

At Pixius we are continually innovating to find ways of expanding our services
and equipment to keep up with technology and demand.

The Technology Behind Pixius Internet

With Pixius, connecting to the Internet is fast, easy, secure, and affordable. Our wireless Internet solution provides speeds as fast or faster than satellite or 3G/4G Internet.

Features Comparison

Pixius-logo-small satellite 3G/4G
 True Unlimited Data Usage checked unchecked unchecked
 Real-Time Gaming checked unchecked checked
 VoIP Capable checked unchecked unchecked
 VPN Access checked unchecked checked
 Local Tech Support checked unchecked unchecked
Static IP Address checked unchecked checked
No Downgraded Speed (Above monthly data)
No Additional Charges for Data Overage

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Features & Benefits of Pixius Internet

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