Shopping Online Safety Tips

Online Safety Tips

Keep your personal information protected this holiday season with the following helpful tips:

  • Use Strong Passwords Stay away from weak passwords such as birthdays, pet names, or variations of “1234” on any of your accounts. Click here for tips and tricks on creating strong passwords.
  • Use a Secure Connection Stay home and shop online using your Pixius connection rather than using the more vulnerable, free Wi-Fi in a coffee shop.
  • Keep Software Up-To-Date It is important to keep your programs current. To avoid security issues, update apps and software as newer versions appear.
  • Use Websites With “s” Be sure that addresses of ordering pages always begin with “https://” instead of “http://.” The “s” means it is secure and indicates that communication with the webpage is encrypted.
  • Use Credit, Not Debit “A credit card is basically a plastic loan. You can dispute questionable charges before you have to pay for them, instead of fighting to get back money into your account.2”
  • Review Your Statements Often Keep a record of how much you spend and where. Some hackers will do low level theft once obtaining your information, charging small amounts to your credit card to avoid detection.

By following these tips, being aware, and keeping your eyes open, you can expect a safer shopping experience.

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